Victoria Giraud ~ Editor / Author

Praise for Melaynie's Masquerade

I finished it last night. I laughed, I cried AND I LOVED IT!!! I have to tell you that I haven't read a strictly "romance" novel for some time, I'm more into mysteries though I do love Maeve Binchy and English novels. So, I was really not prepared to love Mel as much as I did. I lost myself for two hours Saturday. I hated to see it end.

Claudia Weber
Portland, Oregon

I am NOT a reader of historical fiction (or non fiction!) so I am surprised and delighted to be hooked on Melaynie's story. Your writing style is utterly captivating, so crisp and engaging. You create such an air of excitement and Melaynie is believable and charming. I read every day for a week or so - it held my interest. So while I usually read three to four books at a time, I read about Melaynie SOLO. You describe JUST ENOUGH without overdoing it and it is so much more about the characters than it is about the scenery. I know NOTHING about history, especially that time period so I enjoyed learning a little (with no pain!) while I read.

Karen Skinner

Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed Melaynie's adventure. It was all I expected - flavorful, historic, sexy (but not too much so) and full of action. I had the feeling I was there! I have read it twice and am eagerly awaiting number three!

Jane Edwards
Southern California

I finished reading your book Melaynie's Masquerade. I find it difficult to compose an e-mail message so I can only imagine what it took in research, time and dedication to complete this novel. It was colorful, adventurous, romantic, and took me away - which is what I expect of a good book. I wish you much success. It sure would make a great movie!

Heather Vesterfelt
Northern California

I finished your book last night. What a great ending! Didn't really know how it was going to end until the very last page...and that never happens. The book was very entertaining and romantic. I enjoyed reading it and felt I learned something as well.

Darby Williams
San Francisco

I finished your wonderful book. I just loved it, Victoria. You are such an incredible writer. You're so creative and have the ability to describe things, to the detail, so it makes you feel you are right there. The story was extremely interesting and intense and kept me wanting to read. I certainly hope they make a movie of it because people will love it.

Eva Fry
San Diego area

I found it fun throughout. It moved nicely and kept my interest. I think Part Two was masterfully done. Grand job! Sad and happy...just as life is!

Harold Cherney

I finished your book and loved it. I was so disappointed when it ended. I wanted to read on. Does that mean there will be a sequel? It was romantic, exciting and historical. I can't wait for your next one.

Penny Williams
Orlando, Florida