WEDDING HOOPLA By Victoria Giraud

My son Hans is getting married to Jennifer on November 2 in Las Vegas. Wow! Although I’ve attended and been in many weddings in my lifetime, this event will be a unique experience. It’s my first  kid “tying the knot” and I don’t think the facts have completely sunk in yet as I ponder what to wear.

If there were resumes for weddings, I would do fairly well: I’ve been a flower girl (age 4), I’ve been a maid of honor and a bridesmaid (age 21), and I’ve been a bride (age 22). I participated in my brother’s first wedding, which was held in a large San Francisco area church, by standing up to read part of 1st Corinthians 13 from the Bible. The last sentence is quite eloquent: So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

My Flower Girl Debut

Apparently, my best performance was my brief role as flower girl. My oldest cousin Amy Lee was marrying her hometown sweetheart in Danville, Virginia, and I was the perfect age for flower girl. I don’t remember my actions, but Amy Lee related the tale with some amusement  years later. According to her, I enjoyed tossing flower petals every which way, waving at all those I knew in the congregation, and shouting their names. “Hello, Eva” was one she remembered. The ivory satin ankle-length dress with a scalloped hemline has held up over 60 years—Amy Lee gave it to me a decade ago and it hangs in my closet to this day.

I was the most emotional as a maid of honor at friend Harriet’s wedding the summer after we graduated from college. During the ceremony at the altar, I struggled to control my tears and the resulting snot coming from my nose as I sobbed! Luckily, in those days, we wore gloves for special occasions and mine were definitely handy for a makeshift tissue! Harriet, who could be expected to be jittery or overwhelmed, was quite calm and happy.

As I recall, I was quite composed during my performance as a bride getting married in an American/German church in Germany. It was my sister Tupper, the nervous maid of honor, who dropped my elaborate bouquet after I handed it to her at the altar. I hadn’t noticed; Tupper told me about her clumsiness later.

The photo above of my brother’s wedding reception party years ago shows my daughter Heidi in an irritated mood. I think she looks a little like actress Molly Ringwald here. My sister Tupper is calm (with five kids you learn to be calm). Hans, this year’s future groom had a lively time, as did my ebullient Aunt Rosie, who had taken over the role of Grandma after my mother, her sister, died. Rosie has since passed on to greener pastures, but I know she would love being at this wedding. My mother’s siblings were all friendly and quite social.

I’m looking forward to all the upcoming Vegas festivities. Invitees are an enthusiastic mixture of family and friends, some I’ve known for 30-40 years. My oldest friend, Jackie, now a Marin County, CA resident is a 5th grade friend from the Bronx over half a century ago.




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