Anne had been divorced for many years, but hadn’t given up the idea of having a steady man in her life, a relationship that would provide companionship and love. Over the years she’d met many men and had enjoyed the experiences; most of them had been positive but none had clicked.


Trying the Match online site, she received an answer to her ad from a man named Bill, who apparently lived in the same city. Since she felt comfortable with his overtures, they soon corresponded on Email, which was easier and more personal than going through the Match mail. She was surprised at his quick enthusiasm and openness about his history. Half American and half Canadian, Bill had been happily married for 25 years, but tragedy struck when his wife died of breast cancer, and not long afterward, his grown daughter died in a car accident, leaving behind her preteen daughters for Bill’s Canadian mother to raise. It was a sad story, but his letters revealed a man who had dealt with his sorrow and wanted to move on with his life since he had been single a long time.

Bill’s Emails were consistent and some were very long and full of information. He owned a house and several vehicles, and had a lot of interests: camping, hiking, fishing, traveling, and gardening. He claimed he was a Christian and even taught Sunday School at a neighborhood church. Photos of Bill in a kitchen area with his granddaughters impressed Anne. With his light hair, fair complexion and strong muscular body, he looked trustworthy and fun. The photos showed him clowning around with his two young granddaughters; all of them were making funny faces. She thought he looked Dutch or German.

He told her his business as a licensed building engineer took him all over the world and was the same work his dad had pursued. When Bill was young, his family had even lived for a few years in Turkey. He was tired of the business travel and ready to settle down but had one last building assignment in Dubai before he could retire. It was supposed to be a fairly easy three-week job to build a prefabricated showroom for a car company. He even sent her a copy of the signed contract as proof.

Serious about his romantic pursuit, shortly after the correspondence started, he sent Anne a questionnaire asking 23 questions. Some of the questions were: Was her heart 100% ready for a new relationship, would she enjoy life as part of a couple, was she considerate and thoughtful, did she exercise regularly, did she have pets, did she enjoy cooking, was she patient, was she romantic, had she ever been unfaithful to a partner, and how did she feel about him.

He starting calling her sweetheart and was full of compliments. There were “no roses as lovely as your words,” “nothing moves me like you do,” “you’re my light in the darkness,” “I love you with my body, soul and mind.” Anne was his “angel,” a “miracle.” He claimed he was honest and not a deceiver; he was following his heart.

Because the job in Dubai had come together so fast and he had to get ready to fly there, Bill only had time to make one phone call to Anne. It wasn’t a long call because the connection wasn’t a good one for her. She thought he sounded like he was Dutch or South African, which corresponded to her perceptions of his photos. He Emailed to apologize for the phone static and would solve it when he returned. He had heard her voice very clearly, he said.


This true story will be continued on Sunday’s blog.


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