At my desk, contemplating, with the globe behind me.


I began this blog, WORDS ON MY MIND, on May 13, 2010. Since then I’ve written  123  blogs on all sorts of subjects, from life as an Army brat, especially in Tripoli, Libya, to adventures living in Southern California. Since I’m considered a senior citizen now and have worked/created as a writer and an editor for 33 years, there have been lots of events to write about. Over the years I’ve interviewed many fascinating people, edited over 80 books of all types, written a screenplay, Drake,  an historical novel, Melaynie’s Masquerade, and co-written a memoir with Wendy Wong, When the Phoenix Rises.

Starting a blog can be daunting, even though I’ve been writing all my life. When I was ten, I sat down in front of an old portable typewriter to write a story about a dog, a story I have long forgotten. If memory serves, my family was on vacation in Jacksonville Beach, Florida at the time. That’s my memory, at any rate, but I’ve recently learned you can’t completely trust your memory! You change it, someone else may add their two cents, which revises the story, etc. As is touted all the time, the only thing in life that’s constant is change…

My life has been one of many changes; perhaps that’s a reason I wanted to write: it was a way I could create some kind of base, a form of security. I’ve kept a diary off and on since high school and have saved the notebooks. I’m even one of those people who composes a yearly Christmas letter to friends. I work on keeping it balanced: describing highlights as well as the lowlights from the past year. Currently, I write on my computer. Who will be interested in what I’ve said once I’ve gone on to non-physical pastures? What difference does it make? Probably none, but I’ve pleased myself. Conclusion: it’s the reason I’m now blogging. I want to share my thoughts with more people.

Born in Danville, VA, I was raised an Army brat—on my way by age four to Murnau, Germany. I learned to speak Deutsche—it’s easy when you’re young. My family moved many times: after Germany came New Jersey, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO; Jacksonville Beach, FL while dad fought in Korea, the Bronx, Ft. Knox, KY; Tripoli, Libya; and Alexandria, VA. During my years in college at William and Mary, in Williamsburg, VA, my family went briefly to Carlisle, PA before landing once again in Germany (Mannheim and Frankfurt). The wanderlust was still with me when I graduated, and I ended up working as a secretary at Heidelberg Officers Club in Germany. Marriage brought me to Los Angeles and I’ve been here ever since. At last count so far, I’ve lived in about 27 different homes in my lifetime.

Los Angeles, which I love, is a microcosm of the world—we’ve got nearly 4 million people from every culture here and we come in various colors, shapes and sizes. In my apartment building, I can visit with neighbors from Romania, Israel, Turkey, El Salvador, New York City, and all over the US.   Some who have grown up here have families that have come from: the Philippines, Armenia, China and various Latin American countries.

I believe we’re all connected as humans, no matter what the country, religion or political view. Writing is communication…connection…about everything. To remember the wonderful connections, the uplifting or sad experiences, the oddities and synchronicities, I write to share my experiences.






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