PARENTS, TAKE CHARGE, says Dr. Sandy Gluckman

The Internet has been my doorway to the Universe in so many ways.  Dr. Sandy Gluckman, a native of South Africa and current resident of Dallas, Texas, found me a few years back and we worked together on the initial steps of her book Who’s in the Driver’s Seat? Her latest book that I edited is Parents, Take Charge, which offers practical advice on the current epidemic of learning, behavior, and mood problems in children. She believes those challenges can be healed without medication! I was excited to edit a book with ideas that really appealed to me.

If you haven’t noticed already, there’s an epidemic of learning behavior and mood challenges in children and teens. The list keeps growing: ADHD, ADD, depression, Autism, Aspergers, and Tourettes, to name a few. Traditional medicine treats the symptoms with medication but not the causes and when these kids grow up, many are still stuck and don’t reach their true potential as a functional human being.

Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Sandy, who has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, believes children with learning, behavior and mood problems should be healed – not medicated. Medication does not heal the problem.  It simply suppresses it.  It is simply a band-aid.   She also believes that real healing can only happen when the whole child is treated: the spirit, body and brain.

Sandy has developed a 3-step program called Parents, Take Charge.  In her book she teaches parents how to heal children without drugs using this 3-step program.

What I loved about the book are the stories, case studies, graphics and cartoons which all help to make the information so easy to understand.

There is a strong move towards parents wanting to avoid using medication and looking for a healthier option.  This book offers this option – an option that is grounded in scientific research and is proven to help kids and adults overcome learning, behavior and mood problems.

As Sandy says in her book:  Behind all the problems there is a healthy, happy, talented child.  Let’s free this wonderful child.

Dr. Gluckman’s Parents Take Charge program teaches parents how to free that child.  Her program  is unique because the goal is to find and fix the root causes – thereby healing the problem and eradicating the symptoms permanently.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this entertaining and educational self-help book with Sandy. It’s full of suggestions, parent-friendly, very thorough and easy to understand. You can find it on Amazon. For more information, check out her website:

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