Heidi Giraud painting

Heidi Giraud painting

According to Shakespeare, author of Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark says to his friend: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” There are many things we can’t explain in life: ghosts, prescient dreams, coincidences, and channeling, to name a few.

In the ‘90s, a married couple I knew well got involved in Channeling. David and Diana (I’m using fake names to protect their privacy) were highly intelligent and interested in the esoteric, not unusual in Southern California. David was an archaeologist, Diana was an artist, and they were both fascinated with real life ghost stories. The ghost stories they researched and wrote about took place in various historical spots and eventually became published books.

If readers doubt there are “things that go bump in the night,” David would have tales to tell you. I was impressed by an experience he shared shortly after it happened. At a construction site in a vacant field in Ventura County, workers had inadvertently dug up an ancient grave filled with several skeletons of different ages and sexes, all of them carefully placed and specifically pointed certain directions. The minute the skeletons were unearthed, dogs from nearby homes, some many blocks away, started to howl. These dogs, however, had not been observing the digging. David had been called in to inspect and report because he was a professional archaeologist. He told me he and those who had assisted him on this accidental “dig” all had a minor traffic accident that following week.

One might say that David was a prime channeling receiver. Along with several others, I was lucky enough to read David’s transmitted messages, which we called the Transmissions, for several years.

Since David was an independent professional, he had a flexible schedule and a home office with computer and printer. He was already starting to channel these transmissions when I first met him and Diana. When he was at home in front of his computer and physically ready to receive, he let himself be turned on, much as radio would be. When the “spirits” had something to share, David’s fingers would begin typing on the keyboard and wouldn’t stop until the message was over, which frequently took over a half hour and took up a dozen pages or more when it was printed.

These spiritual messengers called themselves St. Germain, supposedly after a mystical, mysterious 18th century French Count. I never believed the name was supposed to be literal and was probably meant to entertain for the most part since we humans need specifics to hold onto. The “real” St. Germain was described as an alchemist, a ladies’ man and the son of either a famous Frenchman or Englishman.

Diana told me she never interrupted David when his fingers were flying over the keyboard. He didn’t type as fast when doing his own work. He also never knew what he had typed until the entire transmission was printed out.

What’s especially curious and amazing is the way the transmission appeared once printed: it almost needed to be translated. It was a code of sorts and a new way of seeing that words were not always what they seemed. Words in the transmissions had layers of meaning; they could be read, spelled and understood in several ways. I began to understand that life was truly not what it appeared to be.

Diana always read over the transmissions first and did the translating, which I’ll demonstrate below.

U R the dream airs and the dreamed. U R the mirror calls and the angels of change. U R the power and the connect tie in 2 all things. Beg gain 2 act like that which U R. U can due sow much if U b leave U can. Due not judge and the power will B yours and the spirit will lead U. 4 give and U will C and hear the other angels a round U.

Translation: You are the dreamers and the dreamed. You are the miracles and the angels of change. You are the power and the connection into all things. Begin to act like that which you are. You can do so much if you believe you can. Do not judge and the power will be yours and the spirit will lead you. Forgive and you will see and hear the angels around you.

It is U who place sow much emphasis on time, and there 4 U who must endure and weight. When U R in the moment of the now, then there is no time, no worry, not A sane gill in stance of air gain see. Only when U place an emphasis on these coin strike tie in ideas will there B pain, suffer eon, worry and fear. What U project U R.

Translation: It is you who place so much emphasis on time, and therefore you who must endure and wait. When you are in the moment of the now, then there is no time, no worry, not a single instance of urgency. Only when you place an emphasis on these constricting ideas will there be pain, suffering, worry and fear. What you project you are.

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