Although my book, Melaynie’s Masquerade is already posted on Amazon as a fiction novel in both hard and soft cover versions, I consider “her” debut as an Ebook a debut to greater glory. Look it up and check it out. The story is in two volumes with a third volume due out next year. My grand opening special price, however, is worth the download—only 99 cents per volume! For those who read it and enjoy, please put your comments on the Melaynie’s  Masquerade by Victoria Giraud Amazon page.

What an educational and creative life process it is to write and publish a book. It’s almost like having a baby, especially considering there are generally years involved in getting it out there.

The germ (or sperm of the idea since I’ve mentioned birth) came from attending many Renaissance Faires and my love of history. James Michener wrote Caribbean, a long and involved historical fiction about that fabled sea and included the story of Sir Francis Drake, which intrigued me the most. As it turns out, Michener’s story about Drake wasn’t very accurate although he did convey the adventure and intrigue.

I was excited enough about Drake’s personality and amazing life from poverty to knighthood, that I wrote the screenplay Drake first. It’s incredibly difficult to make a movie if you don’t have a track record, so I decided to broaden my subject and make an historical fiction novel out of my script by adding a fictional heroine. Lots of research and five years of effort rewarded me with the daring romantic adventure of a teenage girl masquerading as Drake’s captain’s boy on one of his original voyages to the Spanish Main.

In promoting my book, at one point I wrote a brief teleplay for local access television in the Conejo Valley area. I would narrate and planned to have a couple of volunteer actors. I was fortunate to attract John Kilpatrick, the head of the drama department at Agoura High School, to my endeavor. Not only would he play Drake, but he composed the song below and sang it to the accompaniment of his mandolin.  I had reviewed plays put on by the local Young Artists Ensemble and found a young actress, Genna Allen, to play Melaynie. Turns out she had an English background and her father is a fan of Drake. It all turned out amazingly well, though there was no money and not much fame involved! In the photo below are: John and Genna with me in the middle.

Here is John’s wonderful and original song:


A fair young maid in a house of men

Three brothers and a father dear

On whom she waited both hand and foot

All seasons of the year.


Yet none could know that in her dreams

Another life did call

Where lives were sold for Spanish gold

And a boy ain’t what he seems


The fair young lass had had enough

And signed on with a crew

With ringlets shorn, on a cold gray morn

She bid her world adieu


As cabin boy to Capt. Drake

For adventure she set sail

Her comfort sold for Spanish gold

And therein hangs a tale.







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  1. Kathie says:

    I just started reading about Melaynie’s adventures. Why isn’t it a surprise that you would write about a sexy young woman unafraid to strike out on her own path! I hope the Kindle debut will be a door opening for happy readers. Bravo Viki,I hope this will be great “new”beginning”.

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