Now I know what  “spill your guts” means, literally. I already knew I had to tell my story to really heal my body and inner being in order to move forward. I had made a previous attempt with a fictionalized version of my story, Colonels Don’t Apologize, which is on Amazon. Since I was still struggling, it took some new revelations (as explained in my previous blog) to bring it all to the forefront and to deal with it. As a writer, I felt I needed to do more than write in my diary or disguise what had occurred.

I’ve read many books written by people who’ve had to overcome very difficult traumas in life and always admired their ability to write about it. It’s great therapy. Those books were always enlightening and inspiring—a good reason I’ve also enjoyed biographies and even reading the obituaries! It’s wonderful to read how others conquer their demons.


Emerging by Heidi Giraud

Emerging by Heidi Giraud


You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.        Mahatma Gandhi

Looking back over the past few days, I’m amazed at the synchronicity. It’s April, a month for Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the month for rebirth. I published my blog on the 9th, which, in numerology, means the end of a cycle, a time to take inventory of your life and what works and what doesn’t.  I did not plan this action deliberately; it just happened! On the 10th I spent all day “spilling my guts” from both ends. I have never thrown up so much in my entire life! Must have been a huge burden that needed to erupt and be flushed away (imagine doing this in an outhouse!).

It took me three full days to feel better. Today is a new day, Sunday, the 13th, and I feel so much better. I live in apartment 13 and Sally, one of my best friends, is celebrating a birthday today. It is also Palm Sunday and Thomas Jefferson’s birthday—an auspicious day.  When I looked up its meaning in numerology, the site told me 13 is a powerful number — one of upheaval so that new ground can be taken.  I’m ready to celebrate my moving forward physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I am grateful for all the heartfelt comments I received on Facebook and on my blog site.  We all walk through tough times in life and are usually made stronger and become more understanding because of our challenges.

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