I’m a big believer in the connections of life. The oddest connections happen and they don’t always make sense.

Newspaper reporting/editing, writing an historical fiction novel, the continent of Africa, and a divorce led me to spread my wings and edit books to make a better living. Interestingly enough, Africa has played several pivotal roles in my life. I lived in the North African country of Libya as a teenager and was always intrigued with the history of this ancient continent.

Once single, I was out “among ‘em” and I met an older gentleman, L. Dickson Griffith, in a local Southern California watering hole. He had been in NYC advertising (like a Don Draper on the AMC-TV show “Mad Men”) and went on to work as a technical advisor for Roone Arledge of ABC-TV in organizing and coordinating a TV show, “American Sportsman” that featured American celebrities who hunted big game. The “reality show” (although not known by that designation in those days) would feature  actual hunting expeditions, and they’d begin the series in Africa. They were starting the first episode in a camp about 150 miles from Nairobi, Kenya, with actor Robert Stack and General Joe Foss, a WWII Medal of Honor winner and former Governor of South Dakota.

Dick Griffith knew many larger-than-life characters through his own interest and skills in big game hunting. He gathered his interviews and recollections of various hunting trips into a colorful book complete with photos and even fine art paintings of a few wild animals; the leopard on the books cover is by artist Gary Swanson. Dick called the collection of stories In the Hearts of Famous Hunters. Some of the other hunters featured in the book included Roy Rogers, Chuck Yeager, the flyer who broke the sound barrier; and Astronaut Wally Schirra.



What a privilege it was for me to be associated with this project, and my name is in the acknowledgements. Later, I helped Dick by editing his fiction novel, Adam’s Horn, which was also set in Africa—Uganda during Idi Amin’s cruel reign.

When we finished the writing and had the hunters’ book published in 1992, Dick Griffith had a book signing party in Westlake Village, and Robert Stack came to celebrate. I still have the beautiful book but not the photo taken with Dick and Robert Stack.

Most books appear on the Internet, and I found Dick’s two books, but they seemed like lonely sentinels. Open Library had some basic information on In the Hearts of Famous Hunters but no way to purchase it, and Amazon had one copy of Adam’s Horn.

Dick has passed on, but I’m sure he must be hanging out with the souls of the many hunters he interviewed, wrote about, and counted as friends. I will always appreciate the opportunity he gave me to edit his books.

Since Dick Griffith’s book, I connected with another man named Dick, in this case Dick Mawson, who wrote his life story of growing up and living  in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa: The Gods Who Fell from the African Sky. He has had such a fascinating life that we finished the first volume this past summer, but there’s a second volume to come. Mawson overcame losing his right foot and ankle at age eleven to eventually become a daring competitor in racing hydroplane boats and  later built and raced saloon cars. And that’s just a brief account of his exciting life.


  1. Hi Bill,
    What a lovely surprise to hear something about Dick and nice to know you have his book. When I watch the TV series “Mad Men” I think about Dick’s original profession on Madison Avenue in NYC. He had quite a life and I was glad I was part of a small part of it. i still have my copy of Dick’s book and it is treasured. Victoria

  2. William Harris says:

    Hello Victoria,

    Recently I was going through some old books my dad or mom had and I ran across a signed copy of Dick’s ” In the Hearts…..” given to my dad many years ago. They were old friends. I met Dick in Rome, Georgia when I was in my teens I suppose when he came to visit dad for a few years. I think Dick’s first wife and child had been lost in a car accident and he was about to move from Connecticut.
    He showed me several of his rifles and a film of his hunt for Water Buffalo with a bow.

    You mentioned some difficulty in locating his book, though it seems you say you may have one from a long ago signing.

    If you would like my copy I am willing to give it to you…at no charge , of course, as a gesture of friends long gone.

    I wish you well,


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