The Milky Way

I don’t pretend to understand the Universe or the mysteries of life, although I have my feelings. I also know what Shakespeare said in Hamlet is true: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Most of us have experienced incidents we can’t explain, synchronicity that boggles the imagination, destiny, fate, prescience, strange dreams.

In California, it’s not difficult to find psychics of all kinds. It’s an active and profitable profession and more than a few psychics are quite good, although the definition of good is a personal experience judgment.

One of the unique avenues for spiritual information is called “Channeling.” Messages come through a person who acts as a willing and cooperative medium to receive and pass on the information from the spirit world.

I’ve seen, heard and read about this phenomenon countless times and it has always fascinated me, especially when the messages passed on make sense and many times are inspiring and helpful.  This form of communication is ancient and dates back to ancient Greece (Cassandra predicting the fall of Troy) and Biblical times (various prophets). There’s nothing new under the sun, as the saying goes. The New Age section of a bookstore is filled with books of channeled advice.

My direct experience with Channeling came from two sources. The first was a local Southern California man, Thomas Jacobson, who channeled a Dr. James Martin Peebles, a wise Scotsman who had died just shy of 100 years old in 1922. Dr. Peebles had been a medical doctor, a naturopath and a mystic, who had traveled the world healing people. A group of us assembled in a private home for the presentation, and it was fascinating. Jacobson, the medium, was a man probably in his 30s at that time; he introduced himself and then sat down on a chair in front of us. He closed his eyes and immediately went into a relaxed trance state. Within a few minutes, his body moved a bit and a strong Scottish voice emanated easily from his throat. It was as if the medium had vacated his body and let another spirit take over.

Dr. Peebles had a great sense of humor and much spiritual wisdom to impart to the few of us who had paid extra to ask him a question. Afterward, the audience and the questioners seemed to be quite satisfied with their answers. I no longer remember the questions or answers, but I enjoyed the presentation and marveled at its wisdom. When the male medium came back to full consciousness, he was tired and had no idea what had been said.

Jacobson has retired from channeling, but my research indicated that Dr. Peebles still shares his spiritual messages all over the world with a variety of mediums. In the U.S. alone there are as many as 25 mediums channeling the Scottish doctor’s messages.

Next time I’ll tell you about the channeled messages that came to a friend who typed them out without knowing anything they said.

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