Author answers recent blog comments

I appreciate all the enthusiasm regarding my blog. Every writer wants to know someone is reading and enjoying. Several of you have asked questions recently, and I felt it would be easier for you to find the answers if I just responded to your comments on a post.

To McKendry: I think that having my blog on Word Press has helped get the word out. They know more about distribution than I do. What has also probably helped is the fact that I’ve had a web site on Dream Host  since 2004. Dream Host recommended Word Press.

To Madril: Writing is a craft and has to be practiced and practiced! You can develop your talent by being patient and continuing to write. And reading is a crucial part of the talent, as long as you pay attention to other authors. I’ve been writing over 40 years–check out my About Victoria page.

To Leibee: Thanks for the compliments on my writing. Good luck in your writing and blogging journey. I’m not interested in trading articles.

To Merriweather: You left me a url to check and my computer indicated it had problems. Good luck with it.

To Sobol: Best of luck with your photography blog. Word Press offered good themes, but I can’t tell you if my theme would be good for you. Try out a few to see what looks good.

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