February 15th, 2015:


When I began a career in journalism as the Editor for the Acorn, a local weekly newspaper in Southern California, little did I imagine the invention of the global Internet and how my life would expand because of it.

Since then I’ve edited books for writers like: Tim Gurung, who was born in Nepal and now lives in Hong Kong; an English-born writer who grew up in Rhodesia; a writer whose American book was translated and printed in Russia with my name as editor written in Cyrillic; a writer born in Hong Kong and later educated in Hawaii, and writers who have come from Armenia, Germany, England, and from all over the US.

I’ve called myself a Wordsmith, a Forest Guide (when writers can’t see the forest for the trees), and a Midwife (helping writers give birth to books)—fun titles for my passions—writing and editing. I’ve written a screenplay, an historical fiction novel, six short novels, and over 500 blogs. And I’ve been editing newspapers, magazines and books of all kinds for over 30 years. I really enjoy the editing because I feel like a creative partner and cheerleader for a wide variety of writers who create books in all genres—about 150 books over the years.


Five Steps Novel

Five Steps Novel

Tim Gurung and I have worked together for several years and during that time, I’ve edited six of his books: Five Steps, Missionary or Mercenary, A Tree Called Tenalpa, Afterlife, The Cursed Nation, and A Nation for Refugees—all now available on Amazon. He wrote them all and I edited them before he went into the publishing process. Since he keeps enthusiastically writing, we’re currently in the process of editing Hong Kong.

What I find the most amazing is that Tim, a man born in Nepal, speaks five languages and chooses to write his books in English, a difficult language for English speakers, much less those who grew up speaking Nepali, an Indo-Aryan language spoken also in India and Bhutan. Gurung has a fascinating background: he became a Gurkha soldier for the British Army at the age of 17, just like his father and uncles, and served for 13 years in Hong Kong. After an early retirement, he went back to Nepal, got married, had children, and soon after found a job in Hong Kong and brought his family there.

He is self-educated and self-motivated. Writing is his passion and once he’d established his business and made his family comfortable, his goal was to retire and spend the rest of his life writing books and plans now to use the proceeds from book sales for his ISSLCARE FOUNDATION charity, which will donate the money to the poor and needy.

Tim believes “Writers should write for global readers, not limiting or restricting themselves within certain boundaries. They should write about global problems.”

Tim Gurung’s first book was Five Steps. The main character is John, who loses his family in a freak accident. When he finds a memory chip at the site of the incident, he decides to investigate the telephone numbers on the chip to see if they had anything to do with the accident. The ensuring whirlwind journey takes him to Okinawa, Lhasa, Kashmir, New York and Portland Island in the UK. The journey changes John and those he meets in positive ways as he learns to see life from different viewpoints.

All of Tim’s books have inspiring stories and I’ve enjoyed working with him on them. It’s been an adventure and an education for me learning different viewpoints, just as he’s written about in Five Steps!







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