November 10th, 2013:


Should we even ask? And is there a definitive answer? Scientists, philosophers, and religious pundits all have an answer. Now that scientific research has found the Higgs boson so-called “God” particle in Switzerland, have we solved the conundrum or made it more complicated?

Perhaps we’re not meant to have a definitive answer: it’s the mystery to end or begin all mysteries. I’ve read, listened to, and imagined all sorts of theories and probably know little more than when I started. But I remain fascinated.


A Hubble Image from Outer Space

A Hubble Image from Outer Space

Some friends of mine, Anne and Rob, received some incredible information in the 1990s—they were called “transmissions” and were received (my best explanation) through the mysteries of the universe. Rob received them, probably a hundred or more at various times, when he was on his computer working on his normal business. Similar to channeling a spirit or group of spirits who aren’t present in this physical life, which many psychic types perform, Rob would zip these 7-10 page messages out on his keyboard. His normal typing speed couldn’t match his flying fingers. There were no mistakes and were formatted into proper paragraphs with correct margins. The first time he would see or read what he’d written was when the spirits had departed and his wife Ann printed out the philosophical messages.

I’ve shared some of these before, and since I keep running across them in my files, I decided to share more. The quotes below are just a small part of it all. At one point years ago, the idea was for me to organize and edit them into a book. My blog is the next best thing since the messages remain intriguing, especially since the words are deliberately and frequently misspelled in various areas to convey an unusual layer of meanings. These “double-entendres” are not sexual but spiritual and require a broad mind and imagination.

On June 21, 1991, a spiritual group calling themselves Saint Germaine told Rob, in a general sense: “You are now learning that you have unlimited control when it comes to reshaping your level of real eye tie  (reality) in this physical moment. You can begin to see with this unlimited vision, what this illusion is truly about. You can do anything you want. This reshaping of your vision is critic all (critical) to your growth and development as a plane it (planet). All the blood, the violent deaths, the props, the stage eye (staging) of the drama, your dreams and your nightmares are all controlled by you. Your met A four (metaphor) is the move ease (movies). The ultimate truth of the illusion lies in understanding the special E facts (effects). It is all image ion (imagination). It is all done with create ions (creations) from your unlimited super conscious memory that is able to tap into the universal truth. Dream quests, opt tickle (optical) effects and images, digit all (digital) illusions on all fronts. It is simply over well my eye on (overwhelming) to you, yet you are only at the beginning of this level of ultimate awareness. It is a new toy in the child’s hand.”

I found the wisdom that was imparted in each of those messages was truly inspiring. Whole books have been written on similar wisdom giving ideas of what life is about, like Course in Miracles, for instance.  I will close with a few other sentences.  The “you” is a message for everyone.

“You are nothing more than a part of the total picture. You are players, cast, crew, imagination and creativity. All moments are one and can be changed in an instant. You are continuous free flowing energy that is not meant to stop. Your greatest gift to this soul bank, this planet, this universe, is YOU. You are everything. You are the beginning and end of each dream, each life, of each script and movie!”

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