March 17th, 2013:


In a previous blog, I discussed the otherworldly transmissions that were channeled through a friend named Rob some years ago. They were plentiful at the time and I saved quite a few. Since the wisdom still applies, I am going to share more of the message.

Rob would let his body be used to transmit wisdom through his fingers onto a computer keyboard and then onto the computer screen.  He never knew what the message, which could be as long as ten pages, was until his wife printed the message out on his printer. The words in some sentences don’t make sense at first because they are segmented to show how words have many levels of meaning. If read quickly, your brain will translate automatically. Don’t over-think it, reading it out loud to yourself helps.

Heidi Giraud's art--isn't creativity channeled from the Universe?

Heidi Giraud’s art–isn’t creativity channeled from the Universe?

Here is an example:

The reshaping of your vision is critic all to your growth and development as a plane it.  All the blood, the violent deaths, the props, the stage eye on of the drama, your dreams and your night mares, are all controlled by you. Your met A four is the move ease. The ultimate truth of the illusion lies in under stand in the special E facts.

It is all image ion. It is all done with create ions from your unlimited super conscious memory that is able to tap into the universal truth. Dream quests, opt tickle effects and image E S, digit all illusions on all fronts. It is simply over well my eye on to you, yet you are only at the beginning of this level of ultimate awareness. It is a new toy in the child’s hand.

Animate tie in. You can see how you have taken to the graphic display of this medium of illusion in your Move ease.  Your star wars provide a message linked ultimately at total recall of your gifts and bonding to all things. You are nothing than a part of the total picture. You are players, cast, imagination and creativity. You are on your way toward a new level of aware news.

Do not worry about tomorrow for it has already passed you by in that amount of concern for today. Do not worry about what WILL happen for it has already happened when you stay in the past. All moments are one and can be changed in an instant. The moment you forget the past you WILL create a new future. The moment you worry about the present, you lose the future. You are continuous free flowing energy that is not meant to stop. It is you who chooses to try and stop that which cannot.

If you deny the future by holding on to something, you move into the past. You do not stop, but you do not go forward.  That is why you continually shift perspectives. That is why you move in and out of grids, dimensions, levels of reality, or dream states. It is because your soul, as pure energy, never stops. It always goes somewhere. If you fight, fear, try to control, hold on to judgment and anger, the energy flows backward.

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