March 13th, 2013:


There are more things in your life than are dreamt of in your philosophy is a line from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” It was written over 400 years ago, but it may as well have been written a million years ago. Life is mysterious and the more we know, the more we know we don’t know. How is it all possible, what is the Source, and why is the Universe expanding? Nothing is ever created or destroyed… There are no easy answers, no matter what religion or spiritual thought is the most appealing to you.

I’ve explored many teachings in many books: Seth, Paramahansa Yogananda, Abraham, Buddhism, Christianity, Mormonism…there’s a great deal of thought available to attempt to explain what life and death are or aren’t.


Vision of Space from the Hubble Telescope--A Clue of our Origins?

Vision of Space from the Hubble Telescope–A Clue of our Origins?

Channeling—information that comes through a human from another source—is quite intriguing. One of my first experiences was listening to a fairly young man (Thomas) channel a Dr. Peebles, who was a Scottish medical doctor and naturopath who actually lived from 1822 to 1922. I didn’t take notes but remember that the messages for the audience, who had paid to see him, were encouraging. I was told I was a medium (a vehicle for ideas or a communicator of ideas from the dead says the dictionary), which is an apt description for someone writing a blog!

About 20 years ago I became good friends with Ann and Rob, a couple   who were as intrigued with the metaphysical as I was. Rob offered himself to the “Universe” to convey general wisdom and to receive spiritual help for himself and his wife. Rob would sit at his computer when he chose to let the messages come through him to type onto to his computer screen. He wasn’t aware of the specifics; he sat there in something of a trance while his fingers raced over the keyboard, faster than he typed when he was totally conscious. His wife Ann came into his office afterward and printed out the long messages—usually from 3-10 pages. Since the messages would split up many of the words to show how words have layers of meaning, Ann would “translate” the most difficult parts. For instance: animate tie in  is “animation.” The communication he received for a few years applied to all, and I was privileged to receive copies of the transmissions. I have saved many of them and their wisdom still applies, in my opinion.

I will share a small portion of a transmission on this blog and will offer more of it in a later blog.

On June 21, 1991, what might be best explained as a group of non-physical souls who called themselves “Saint Germaine” communicated:

Everything you are about in this moment, as well as every thing you have been about concerns your S piece eye all E facts. You are now coming of age in this regard. You are now learning that you have unlimited control when it comes to reshaping your level of real eye tie in this physical moment. You can begin to see with this unlimited vision, what this illusion is truly about. You can do anything you want.

Because they are discussing special effects in movies and in “real” life, they split up that word and played with reality as well. Make of it what you will.




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