March 18th, 2012:


Sounds like a fairly simple question, doesn’t it? Is there anything that’s less transparent? Scientists and humans have been pondering it for millions of years, ask Werner Herzog who explored and filmed the ancient Chauvet Caves of France.

I had a comment from a blog reader about my version of reality. He claimed, “You write about your life as if it were beyond special. You take small things and blow them out of proportion to make some things seem more than they were. I would suggest a little reality.”

How wonderful to receive this comment as a reminder of how great my life really is and how happy it is for we humans who recognize the joys and happiness. There are countless sayings that illustrate the point, one of them: “We’re about as happy as we want to be.” And I think it was Hemingway who said, “Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” Then there are the smaller ones, “Let a smile be your umbrella,” and part of an old song, “Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street.”

I could write thousands of words on this topic, but I already have been writing about the amazing events that have occurred in my life so far. I am an optimist, and optimists, if true to themselves, create happy, optimistic lives. In a great deal of philosophical reading over the past 30 years or more, I have read over and over again that: WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY.

Since I am not writing a religious blog and my ideas tend to be more universally spiritual in nature, I will not bring “God” into this discussion. I do believe in a higher power, but I think there is far more mystery and magnificence in that concept that we can ever fathom on our small blue planet. Will Steven Hawking find the answers? In the meantime, what an amazing pursuit it is.

Also, to my contributor, I must admit I certainly do exaggerate the small things in my life. Isn’t life made up of millions of small things—from particles and light and atoms to gestures of love and millions of incredible thoughts? And all of it changes and mutates within a blink of an eye. The grandiose events are not the “real” stuff of life. All the hoopla of the Academy Awards is over quickly and who remembers the winners a week later?

The touching experiences that stay with us during our lives include: crying with joy at the birth of a baby, or with bittersweet tears at the death of a beloved parent who is leaving pain behind, the sun rising or setting, a pod of happy dolphins following a boat, a first romantic kiss, a dog’s wagging tail or loving lick, a friend who cracks a silly, completely hilarious joke…just a very small idea of what makes up my reality.

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