November 13th, 2011:


Why does one write? Although I believe we all have unique ways to communicate, who is inspired to put pen to paper, fingertips to keyboards to play around with words? It’s almost a primeval urge to share thoughts, feelings, experiences through the medium of those poor human concoctions called words. They can be misconstrued, misspelled, misinterpreted despite the sincerest of intentions, the bravest of hearts. That’s also the beauty of the effort, the mystery of life and interactions. Oh….ya know what I mean!!

In looking back to childhood, I think I turned naturally to the written word because I was an early reader and appreciator of stories, even my own personal story. Stories in books took me to a different place; they were a respite from unpleasant things in my life. “Children should be seen, not heard” is an old adage. Besides, what does a child say about certain things she or he doesn’t understand? Especially when it concerns an adult. Will the adult listen, understand or change their actions? We’ve all read and heard about these instances in current news of the day.

As one matures, if one is so inclined, it’s easy to fathom how expressing oneself on paper or on a computer, not to mention the scourge of texting (Emails are enough for me), can be a relief. I turned to diaries in high school and I’ve kept most of them. I’m amazed how mature I was and how expressive. When there’s no one to turn to, a journal is a spiritual and physical respite.

I learned the power of words early on: how to sell myself in sentences, see myself in sentences, and observe the world in sentences. In my head, I talk to myself in sentences. I imagine my sentence as never-ending, in my physical life, at least. I haven’t been at a loss for words since I learned to talk and write. Writer’s block? Are you kidding?

Although I don’t need an audience—I’ve done plenty of writing for myself alone—but it’s gratifying to know there are those out there in the Internet world who read my words, my sentences, and appreciate them.

I am going to be spreading my words even further as I self-publish Melaynie’s Masquerade, an historical fiction set in the 16th century  in E-book format and other smaller works as well. My other endeavors will eventually include:

A Teenage Army Brat in Libya — Memories of Tripoli in the 1950s

No Apologies Offered…Life Isn’t Handed to You on a Silver Platter

The Dark Side

A Novice’s Guide to Cross-Dressing

Pink Glasses

Sam’s Journey

The drawing below was done by my talented friend Sally Schneider:







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