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I believe most of us have the talent to tell a story. As a longtime writer/editor, it is my privilege to help an author bring his/her book dream to fruition. I enjoy helping an author discover the magical power of well-written English, an exacting language that is continually changing.

Why do you need an Editor? An editor provides another opinion, an objective viewpoint on your creative work. Besides a thorough knowledge of grammar, spelling, word usage, and an extensive vocabulary, an editor brings years of knowledge to the editing process. I bring my own life experience, which has included years of formal education, twenty-five plus years of writing and editing, and voracious reading on a wide variety of subjects.


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Victoria Giraud is the Editor of over 80 books in all genres.

Her background includes:

  • Editor of two weekly newspapers and three regional magazines
  • Columnist for Los Angeles Daily News
  • Author of Drake, a screenplay on the life of Sir Francis Drake
  • Author of Melaynie's Masquerade
  • Author of Weird Dates and Strange Mates, a book of short stories
  • Owner of advertising/public relations business

Victoria has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA

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Melaynie's Masquerade

What's a girl going to do when she wants adventure in her life, and men have all the fun? Melaynie Morgan is an independent-minded young woman in Plymouth, England, but it's the 16th century, and women are expected to dress elaborately and attend to womanly duties. Forget about doublets, swords and sailing ships.

Melaynie refuses to let her conventional background deter her. She disguises herself as a captain's boy and signs on with privateer Francis Drake to plunder Spanish treasure in the exotic Caribbean. In the chess game of Renaissance politics it's an undeclared war of opposing religions, but Queen Elizabeth's Protestant England and King Philip's Catholic Spain are maintaining a guarded peace. Into that mix comes Plymouth's Drake, waging his own private war with Spain.

Melaynie finds more than she bargained for during her year in the tropics serving Drake - from disease, death and danger to a romance with a Spaniard and a friendship with an ex-slave. She returns to England wiser but secretly pregnant. Her daughter Joan grows up unaware of her true parentage until the Spanish Armada brings a bittersweet and surprising reunion.

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